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5 Simple Hacks to Give Your Home a Fresh Look for This Spring

Winter is over and spring is finally here! There is something about spring that makes everything colorful, bringing much joy in people’s life. Of course, the arrival of spring also means that it is time for some spring cleaning at your home to give it a fresh look. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to give your home a makeover. Here are a few tips to help you get started.



It is time to remove those drabby curtains and bring out the fresh new ones, preferably in soothing colors like white or baby blue or even yellow. The soothing color of the curtains will bring a much needed breath of fresh air. Better yet, you can also purchase some lace curtains and play mix and match. If you have old crystal beads you can also make strings out of them and use them to tie the curtains. The beads will give the entire place a more sophisticated and elegant look.

Flowers Flowers Flowers!

Spring time is equivalent to the blooming of flowers. Therefore, there is no better way to welcome spring than decorating the house with some flowers. If you have old vases, bring them out. Retouch them if you think they look a little too shabby. The best way to revamp old vases is by spray painting them. It is very easy and you will find an array of fun colors to experiment with. You can even get plants that can be grown indoors to celebrate the new season.

A New Paint

If you have the time and energy, a good way to bring in the new season would be by painting your wall with a new color. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the entire wall of the house. You can actually paint only a certain part of the wall so that the painting can highlight the entire room. This is especially a good idea if you do not have time.

Color Your Wardrobe

If you feel that painting a wall is too much of a hassle, an easy idea is to paint only the wardrobe doors. If you want minimalistic, you can paint the door gray and the edge white. Otherwise, you can even paint it with bright colors like pink, yellow, or green. However, make sure that the color you choose doesn’t look too chaotic with the color of the wall.

Liven-Up Your Patio

If you have a patio at home, spring is the time to bring it back to life. Painting the furniture is a good idea if you feel that they look dull. Arrange flowers in chic vases and throw in a few cushions with pleasant colors, they will instantly give your patio a fresh look. You can also get flower pots and arrange them around the patio. Purchase Chinese lamps and arrange them around your backyard for a whimsical feel. That way you can also enjoy the weather even during the night; maybe even have a small fire pit.

Remember to bring the sunshine in your house this spring.