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Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo

This Zoo is one of the largest and oldest in the US and Texas as well, they are pretty popular because they count with more than 400 species of different animals, and their 350 employees and hundreds of volunteers make it a paradise for the lucky animals who are living in the installations. The reason why the Dallas Zoo is so popular is because they are by themselves part of Texas history since it was created in 1888 with only two deers and two mountain lions, they are a living example that with hard work and dedication everything is possible in this difficult but intriguing world.

It’s famous not only in Texas but also around the world because it counts with hundreds of interesting animals and their installations are pretty well designed to guarantee that the animals have a good and enjoyable life without worrying about the danger of the human beings and the mother nature, so everyone wins in this opportunity.

However, while that sound interesting, that’s not everything available in the zoo, you’ll find lots of motivational messages and speeches about creating a better life for every animal in the world, they inspire to empower visitors to take action in their community to save animal species that are suffering from human activities while they are trying to survive.

Where is this Zoo located?

To enjoy the features and services of these wonderful installations you need to go to Texas, specifically to Dallas. After you arrived in this amazing city, you need to go to the south, and after three-miles of adventures, you’ll find the 106-acre zoo that holds hundreds of animals in its interior. The good thing about this zoo is the fact that it’s open 364 days a year, which means that you don’t need to book a strict journey to visit this place, you can visit it whenever you want.

In your tour, you can find different people, not only from the US but also from the enthusiasts who are traveling internationally to discover new things about this wonderful location. So, you can interact with different people to discover some new things at the end of the day in terms of knowledge, so it a must-go place for everyone who loves the animal world!

What is its Mission?

The Dallas Zoo main mission is to show and engage people why they need to save the wildlife before it’s too late to take action, they hold different lessons, events and things like that in different times of the year to hold and show that the animal world needs our help and cooperation, otherwise they will be destroyed and the world will face some problems in the future for the lack of wildlife.

Their mission is called Creating a Better World for Animals, in which they provide their guests with real-world opportunities to make true connections with different members of the wildlife thanks to installations and employees of this amazing zoo. Everyone needs to do their best in this zoo since it’s not an easy thing to care for hundreds of animals in a single location, but you don’t have to worry, everyone is happy with what they are doing And the animals will love that sign of appreciation and effort.

What kind of activities can you do in the Dallas Zoo?

Like in any other zoo, you have the open possibility of seeing new animals while they are doing trivial stuff like interacting with other members of their same species, eating, or even just being themselves. You can discover things about their history, evolution and things like that, it can be pretty useful in the future, especially if you’re someone who is very interested in teaching things about the animal world.

Also, you can take a tour in the installations to discover new things at the end of the day like advanced knowledge that could be useful for you in the future, and let’s not forget about the fact that you can assist to multiple events that are being held in this wonderful place in different months of the year to join the community in different and entertaining activities that can benefit not only the zoo but also the wildlife in general, it’s a good experience that everyone should try at least once in their life.

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