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Houston’s attractive health museum

Houston’s health museum

   This is a beautiful Houston museum, especially geared toward health. It is a very special space for children under 12 years old, as the content of this museum tries to show the details of human anatomy and health.

 It is a very fun and visually stimulating place for the little ones in the house. It is a must-see for families with children.

 This health museum provides a multi-sensory experience, which is constantly updated, according to scientific advances in health and how the body works.

 It also has multiple programs and camps throughout the year, adapted to all ages, with special events, exhibitions, and scientific explorations.

 Children under the age of 2 can enter for free, those 12 and under pay $ 8 admission, and adults pay $ 10. Adults over 65 also have the benefit of paying only $ 8.

 This educational place is full of videos and content on human anatomy and health, very simplified, so that young children can also understand how the body works.

 3 main areas of the Houston health museum

 This amazing place has a temporary sample of the human body that rotates, also a sample of organs of enormous size that surprises children a lot, called Amazing Body Gallery, where there is also the heart attack machine and the famous laboratory called “DeBakey Cell Lab. “

 Amazing Body Gallery

This section gives the opportunity to get to know the human body in a very interactive way. The process of functioning of the organs will be widely shown, to create awareness about the vitality of our organs.

 In this section, there are approximately 30 videos that show this, and also accompanied by audios, which give the basic concepts in a very simple way about anatomy.

 The most important thing about this is that these videos and audios give very significant advice about health.

 The mission of this is to show children and people that the proper functioning of our body and our organs is also due to the positive habits that we have with our health.

 At this stage of the museum, there are very interesting and attractive organ samples, such as the giant heart. This heart measures 4 meters and shows the functionality of the heart perfectly; People can watch the blood flow and every 20 minutes they also show how a heart attack happens.

 The heart attack is related by an audio, which prior to the heart attack narrates the situation that a person was in, to give a real explanation of how and why a heart attack can happen.

 Burning calories

 This is a very interesting part of the museum, which teaches children how to burn calories.

 In this area, children exercise and are educated about how much exercise they should do to burn off the calories in certain foods.

In this part, children learn that certain foods involve more calories than they must be burned. This makes them aware that they must have a healthy diet throughout their lives.

 This activity is also done in order to see how the body reacts when exercising.

 The colossal Colon

 It is a great attraction because it is a “tunnel” labyrinth, which recreates the human colon. This tunnel can be traveled inside; It is a perfect example of what the colon looks like inside.

 Children have a lot of fun doing this tour, but for adults, it is also very revealing to observe how this part of our body is, from within.

 Body organ projector

 This is a very technological and fun part of the museum. People can stand on a scale and while looking in the mirror, they will be able to see the exact location of their own organs, appropriate to the size of their own body.

 To give a good effect, they should have a smooth shirt, where the projection of the organs on the person’s body can be seen clearly.

 DeBakey Cell Cab

 This part of the museum is perfectly designed to awaken the interest of the little ones, in biology, medicine, and health.

 It is a laboratory ready to carry out real experiments with visitors, from 7 years of age.

 This spectacular laboratory will equip the brave participants with everything they need, such as special suits, gloves, and goggles, to carry out the various experiments.

 These experiments include activities in English or Spanish, and each experiment lasts around 10 and 30 minutes; depending on the participant.

 Therefore, to make a complete visit to the place, it is important to allocate more than a couple of hours to get to know it well.

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