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Sam Houston Park- A Place Amusement and Recreation

Sam Houston Park

Houston is the best place to visit in Texas. There are so many things to visit in Houston. Sam Houston Park is one of the best places to visit. It was the first park in the whole city. This particular park is a perfect heritage spot of Houston. It is built on the 19-acre area. It is a perfect place for heritage and historic structures as well. It is proud of Houston and living history of the city. Apart from the historical structures, there are so many modern structures in this park. This structure shows the 21st-century urban people life of the city.

History of the park:

In the year 1899, Mayor Sam Brashear hired and created Houston’s first park advisory committee to process and develop the city’s park. The area of the park was landscaped in Victorian wonderland. A rustic and old bridge was there over the pleasant stream. This park also has a 52 years old house. This house was used as the school.

Houston was very much different in the year 1950. The society tried to save the demolished culture and building of Houston and turned on the historical preservation project. After that, so many buildings set in Houston Sam Park and it is known as the historical park.

Special attractions:

This park has a small pond with the fountain. Apart from this, there are so many important things to see. These are such as follows:

  • Gazebo
  • Wetland garden
  • Trail and walkways
  • Sphere sculpture
  • USS Houston Memorial Culture
  • Neuhaus garden

It is a protected landmark in Houston and popular as Texas Historical Site.

Kellum Noble House:

It is one of the natural restoration projects for the Hosuton heritage society. It is one of the oldest and ancient surviving structures in this park. In the year 1847, Nathaniel Kellum created this house and in the year 1850, he sold this building to the Noble family. They used this building as a private school until the year 1877.

The Old Place:

It is a rustic and old cabin built in the year 1823. In the year 1973, this place was moved to Houston Park.

The Fourth Ward Cottage:

In the year 2002, this cottage was moved from Freedman’s Town to Sam Houston Park.

The Pilot House:

This building was made in a charming and enthusiastic Victorian athentic style in the year 1868. It was the first building in Houston with an attached kitchen.

The Yates House:

This house was very roomy and comfortable. This was established by Jack Yates in the year 1870. This house shows the increasing opportunities for freed slaves during the time of the Civil War.

The Staiti House:

This building was built in the year 1905. This house is filled with amazing and some new convenience including electrical wiring and all. This building is a fine example of the 20th-century luxurious lifestyle.

This park is one of the treasures of the whole city. This is a perfect place where you can get the historical structure, well-preserved historical monuments from the past and lush green expanded area. This open area welcomes all the tourists to take fresh air and enjoying a picnic as well. There is a museum in that area. Both the park and the museum are open and free for the public and the visitors. But the tours around the historically preserved buildings are arranged specially by the Heritage Society. At the time of Christmas, the Heritage Houston Society arranges a candlelight tour all around the park.

The park has preserved the history of Houston irrespective of diverse communities. If you are planning to visit Houston, then Sam Houston Park is one of the best places that you should go to. You can see there the mingling culture of history and modern scenario as well. This park has already created a popular and special place in the heart of Houston. This is a place of interest in Houston. This park is the finest place for visitors. You can see there a strong cultural and artistic value of the city of Houston. It is a place built by the people of Houston to preserve their historical culture and value. It is one of the popular gather places for Houstonians and tourists. More than 250,000 people visit this park each year. This is a perfect place to educate people and visitors about the historical culture of the city.

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