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The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Dallas

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Dallas

What is The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza Dallas?

It’s a museum in which depository evidence of a sniper was found following the shocking assassination of President Jonh. F. Kennedy, a truly sad event that changed the course of the world forever. This museum was built in where the former Texas School Book Depository was placed, so, it counts with a great location for the community that can visit it the 7 days of the week by paying a little commission fee for the entrance which is totally worth it because you’ll end with a lot of solid and new knowledge that can be used in the future.

The reason why this museum is so famous not only in Texas but also in the US is for the fact that it holds a lot of history on its installations, starting with the great impact that this building had in the world, and then we have all the other things like manuscripts, documents, files and things like that about Jonh F. Kennedy, so it can be said that this place was built and designed to honor its memory and to remember him as the great person and leader that he was back in that days.

This building has a lot of history behind it, for that reason, you can expect multiple people from other countries to visit this place to search for information about this interesting President and to see how everything was well planned to end the life of that wonderful person.

Where is this Museum located?

To enjoy the facilities of this wonderful museum you’ll need a ticket to Dallas, Texas a good place to pass good vacations with some family members or friends while visiting interesting places like this one. You can complete your adventure by visiting the museum store in which you can find different things like clothes that were used in those years, gifts, cards, and things like that. Also, you enjoy the trip in the cafe, which counts with pretty much anything that you would need for lunch, it’s a cafe after all.

So, you can enjoy a complete adventure in this place, you can go to get some interesting knowledge and valuable information about Jonh. F. Kennedy’s life and how he became the president of the US, what he managed to in his presidential period and so many other things as well, a good and worth adventure to pass the day.

What is the main objective of this Museum?

First of all, this museum was built in a way to honor the whole life of John F. Kennedy a true leader and person who was killed near this location. They want to teach to the whole world and country who was this man, how he got his way to the White House and also what things he managed to accomplish as a President of the US, things like the Moon Landing wouldn’t be possible without his phrase “at the end of the decade, an American will be in the moon” and thanks to that, we count with so many benefits for this impressive achievement of the humankind.

In simple words, this museum has Avery impressive mission, teach to the community events of the past in a funny and interactive way to never get boring of things like history, and it’s always a good idea to visit this kind of places to never forget important events that occurred in the past.

What kind of activities can you do in this Museum?

For a good price, you get to know the whole life of this wonderful President of the US while having access to multiple files and information that only a few places like this have in their installation. Also, you can get a lot of interesting stuff in the store, like a gift or even clothes that were used in those decades in the US. Finally, to rest a little you can go to the cafe and enjoy a good meal to close in a good way the marvelous adventure that you had in this impressive museum that wants to teach everyone the importance of history and the things that one important man such as the President of the US needs to do for the sake of its people, something that only a few are capable of. A good and worth adventure to try at least once.

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