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Types of Texture

Texture 101

Hand drywall textures are limited only by the tradesman. Some textures are applied with a pan and knife or a hawk and trowel. Some drywall textures make use of special brushes to stomp or swirl patterns in the mud. At times drywall mud is applied to drywall surface using a paint roller or high powered paint sprayer. Brushes or knives or rollers are then used to create patterns in the mud. Hand drywall textures can vary greatly depending on the skill level or techniques used. Even when using similar techniques, two different tradesmen can produce very different drywall texture styles.


Wall textures seen in Texas

Skip Trowel

Orange Peel

Santa-Fe Texture

Splatter Knockdown

Hawk and Trowel


Stomp Knockdown

Sprayer Applied Drywall Textures

Drywall texture sprayers in Texas come in many different brands, shapes and sizes. Texture services generally consist of a hopper for the texture material, which is pumped from the hopper through a long hose, and an air compressor. The texture pump on smaller machines may be a diaphragm pump driven by compressed air or another style pump driven by an electric motor. Larger spray rigs have gas or diesel powered motors that run both the texture material pump and the air compressor.

Texture mud is pumped through a long hose to a gun operated by hand triggers. The texture gun causes drywall mud and compressed air to meet and spray onto the drywall surface to create a texture. The type of drywall texture is determined by the type of drywall texture material used, the size and type of nozzle on the texture gun and the amount of compressed air introduced into the mud.