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Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

We have over 20 years experience removing wallpaper. Wallpaper removal, like many other home improvement jobs, can require more effort than initially thought. It is important that the proper steps are taken to ensure a proper surface for your newly painted walls (which will show imperfections from improper wallpaper removal).


Our trained professionals can provide this service, without any issues. Large furniture is moved to the center of the room and covered with protective plastic. All floors and runways are covered with drop cloths to ensure that your flooring is protected as well as your furnishings. 


Walls are scraped, loose paint and/or drywall is removed and the surface is patched/ mudded to fix imperfections. Surface defects such as gouges, cracks, nail pops, and any kind surface imperfections have to be addressed appropriately to make sure your surfaces are primed for the next application of wallpaper or paint.


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Interior Painting Services

When it comes to your home we have the interior services covered.


Kitchen Cabinet Painting

The painters at Next Door Painting can completely alter the look of your stained cabinets from a light oak or a pickled look, to a darker, richer stained look.


Popcorn Removal

Are you tired of that 70’s look? Acoustic “popcorn” ceilings is a surface that attracts and harbors dust particles and can give your home that “dingy” look.


Drywall Repair

We specialize in the art of drywall through the talented hands of our highly experienced crews, all of which are passionate about the finished product.


Garage Floor Epoxy

High-traffic spaces demand high-performance systems. We offer a floor coating which is a high quality, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain surface.


Wallpaper Removal

When removing wallpaper it is important that the proper steps are taken to ensure a proper surface for your newly painted walls.


Color Consultation

Color is unquestionably the most cost-effective way to upgrade the look and feeling of a space or home’s facade. Next Door Painting can help.